Expanding Cleanable's Green Practices with SULO's Waste Watcher Recycling System

30 May 2016 - Cleanable is pleased to announce that it has adopted a new way of approaching waste management on sites.

Furthering the constant drive to achieve the most sustainable and eco-friendly practices that we can, Cleanable has welcomed SULO Waste Watcher bins to its waste management systems! Touted as the most versatile recycling containers on the market, the SULO Waste Watcher bins are an excellent way to boost understanding of recycling and easy uptake of environmentally sustainable recycling programs.

The clearly coded Waste Watcher containers are designed with a variety of lid and signage options - this allows for easy separation of waste types. Lined with fully biodegradable bags, these bins are a great way to enhance and expand recycling around the home and office.