About Cleanable

Established in 2005 Cleanable Property Maintenance Services (Cleanable), is a social enterprise developed by Westgate Community Initiatives Group (WCIG Inc.), committed to providing high quality property maintenance services at competitive rates whilst providing a supportive environment for people re-entering the workforce and living with disability.

Extensive quality control mechanisms ensure that services are performed at a consistently high standard. Some of the elements of ensuring high quality include: weekly supervisor inspections, on the job training for each worksite, the payment of full award or productivity based wages, and providing staff with a flexible and supportive workplace.

In a short time, Cleanable has secured 22 major contracts and performs cleaning services at over 60 sites across Melbourne - approx 700 labour hours per week. To date, each contract that has come up for renewal has not only been renewed but expanded. It is our wish to obtain more contracts to help us in creating training and employment opportunities Melbourne's west  while we deliver excellent cleaning services.

Symbol Meaning

The leaf represents Cleanable’s focus on the environment and eco-friendly products.

The water droplet represents the principal cleaning service and is symbolic of water conservation.

The outstretched hand represents social enterprise and Cleanable’s focus on assisting people to assist themselves.

Who we are

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What we do

Cleanable offers a wide range of property maintenance programs across both commercial and domestic markets. All of our staff a...

Our Safety Guarantee

At Cleanable we understand that your peace of mind is of paramount importance and that is why we go above and beyond when it c...


View our staff at work and some of our contracted sites. Employee professionalism is the core to good business.