Who we are

In 2010, Westgate Community Initiatives Group Inc. created the WCIG Social Enterprise Group. Due to the great success and expansion of Cleanable Property Services, and in line with our ongoing commitment to providing sustainable employment for the most disadvantaged, our social enterprise group has expanded to include Home and Office Maintenance, Outside Branch Property Maintenance and LoveLuvo Retail social enterprise.

WCIG has brought together a team of experienced and highly qualified advisors to develop and promote the business group.  All initiatives have been developed to ensure that all parties are equal stakeholders in the business and all share the same vision of building a service provider that not only delivers a well planned and executed product, but maintains its social goals of creating employment opportunities for people with mental illness.

The management team are all professionals in their own area of expertise and a have hands on approach and thorough understanding of managing and delivering a well balanced product.

WCIG has recruited experienced and qualified people to manage and oversee the contracts secured. Staff engaged in all aspects of each initiative are trained in all facets of the business. All WCIG Social Enterprise employees are committed to the success of the services and highly value the opportunities they have been given, leading to a more sustained level of performance and employee retention.